Show the books!

Show the books!

Cyber protest


To participate in this Cyber Direct Action and get the attention of the candidates running for office and you need a telegram account to be notified of the direct actions.

Once you downloaded both applications, you need to follow this twitter account: and join the telegram group by clicking here.

Once a day, you will receive a notification that the Action Webpage at is ready.

If you want to understand what the #HPDVictims are going trough and robbed of their equity, watch this Frontline PBS documentary and then join us to fight the Corruption.

Why Telegram and not WhatSapp?
Telegram is the only tool available that allow notification groups of up to 100,000 users. WhatSapp only goes up to 1,000 users. Facebook selectivelly decides what you receive. For this to work, we need to be able to notify everyone at once as we grow.

Why is twitter important. I only have 1 follower?
The goal is not to talk to the world, the goal is to publicly engage the candidate running for office and to let them know that you are an active engaged voter in the community they seek to represent. To them, your vote is more important that the number of twitter follower.

Each time you like or you comment on one of their post, they receive a notification and they tend to be happy. Over time, the subject matter is difficult and when they realize that you are an #HPDVictim, they will start to ignore you. That is OK, it's expected.

The problem they will have is that they can't ignore their voter base and because you are active in your community, they suddenly realize that you are more important even with 1 follower.